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Wise Currency Converters & Borderless Accounts

Wise Currency Converters & Borderless Accounts

Villa Solera Service is proud to announce the partnership with WISE for all you currency transfer needs....but it's not just for transfering funds's a lot more:

What is Wise?
Wise is the global technology company building the best way to move money around the world.

What’s the Wise account?
Wise, is an international account for over 50 currencies, with instant, super-cheap money transfer, a card to spend in any currency, bank details to get paid in 30 different countries, multi-currency direct debits, and other revolutionary stuff.

Who is the Wise account for?
Wise is perfect for anyone living an international life. This includes expats, travellers, freelancers, international students, businesses, and digital nomads. Anyone who needs to send, spend or receive money internationally will benefit from using the Wise account and debit card.

This all came about because clients have been struggling to pay from their bills here in spain including our invoices. So as a solutions company we came up with...yes you guessed it...A SOLUTION!

By clicking HERE you will go to the WISE page where you can register (Just click on the REGISTER button) and in a few very easy steps you are ready to make transfers at some of the best rates in teh market. You can also set up a Bank Account and pay direct Debits. No more hassle with your Spanish bank closing down your account or blocking it!  

Any questions just drop us an email and we will assist you by clicking here: CONTACT US