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Seguro Parking - RMU International, Alicante & Valencia

Seguro Parking - RMU International, Alicante & Valencia

Our partner Seguro Parking provides long- and short term parking at Murcia Airport, Alicante Airport, Almería Airport and Valencia Airport.

Their parking facility near Murcia Airport is located app. 2 miles from the airport. At Alicante they are located right next to the main terminal. At Valencia they park the cars inside a special designated parking facility, 5 minutes from the airport.

All of their facilities are 24/7 secured. At Almería Airport they work with an agent, who is also parking the cars inside a designated building.

You can park with Seguro PArking from 1 day to a whole year. The costs will come down from two third to one tenth of what you would pay for your parking at the airport, depending on the amount of days you want to park your car.

On the page Prices will find instantly what their prices are and on their page Bookings>Pay as you go enables you to calculate a quote within a few seconds.

Many of our clients that own cars here in Murcia have taken the annual contracts with them and have only had good words to tell us about the high level of service. SO it makes sense for Villa Solera Service to be a partner of Seguro Parking!