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Murcia Holiday Rentals

Murcia Holiday Rentals

You will no doubt be aware that there have been many changes to legislation regarding holiday and short term rentals. The government have made it law to obtain a Tourist License and inspections are required. It is also necessary to register with Guardia Civil and report any guests to them within 48 hours of check in.

In addition, people have changed the way they book holidays, favouring online booking and using channels such as HolidayLettings, HomeAway, Airbnb to name a few. The opportunities are growing for owners, but exposure is key, and it really takes a company that is dedicated to marketing rental properties to gain the best returns for our customers.

With all the above in mind we have made the decision to engage with the area’s leading holiday rental agency, Murcia Holiday Rentals, as a Preferred Partner. This means that we can offer our clients huge exposure on a global scale to maximise bookings, whilst continuing to provide our service to our customers without compromise.

Murcia Holiday Rentals have access to some 60 channels, to provide a truly global coverage. They are focussed solely on holiday rentals, and therefore all of their efforts are channelled towards marketing holiday properties to both the wide global market but also niche markets such as golf and cycling clubs.

From a compliance perspective they are well known to the Town Hall and their inspectors, and are in a position to ensure complete compliance for all of our customers free of charge.

We are aware of other local companies who have a presence in the holiday rental market, but we have taken time to consider our business and the type of company we want to engage with. We have found a synergy in values and standards between the two business that will undoubtedly provide our customers with the best possible scenario for holiday rentals and full property management as a seamless service.

This will allow us at Villa Solera Service continue with our forte which is looking after our clients, their properties and their guests.


If you wish to continue renting your property for short term and holiday rentals let us know in writing and we will get the ball rolling for you. It’s as simple as that.