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Lex Foris Solicitors/Abogados

Lex Foris Solicitors/Abogados

Lex Foris offers, in several languages, an international comprehensive corporate tax and legal service.

Lex Foris boasts a young team of solicitors of different nationalities, offering high levels of personalised, tailor made and dynamic service. Your international business is our field of work, we are specialist in the litigation area as in legal consultancy, wherever your corporate interests might be in the world.

In a world that is becoming more demanding and diversified everyday, to be successful in business is not just a matter of being prepared and maintaining a professional attitude. It is also a matter of immersing yourself in your profession, thereby becoming a specialist.

Lex Foris has also established collaborations with law firms in different countries to ensure the quality of the services and the continuous update of knowledge on the legislation of other countries. You are attended in Murcia as if you were in the country where your corporate interests might be.


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