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  • July 14, 2020

COVID-19 UPDATE - 13/07/2020 - USE OF MASKS

The use of a mask is already mandatory in all open or closed public spaces in the Region of Murcia "whether or not there is a safety distance"

President Fernando López Miras announces the measure adopted in the Governing Council "in the face of a worrying situation and an increasing risk to health"
Recalls the importance of "stopping irresponsible behavior, unnecessary concentrations and without security measures", and stresses that "in everyone's hands is to prevent us from having to resort to decisions that nobody likes"
Press conference of the Governing Council
The president of the Community, Fernando López Miras, announced that, “starting today, after its publication in the Official Gazette of the Region of Murcia, the use of a mask will be mandatory in any open or closed public space, whether or not there is distance social security ”. Exceptions are contemplated such as the practice of sport, beaches and swimming pools, as well as the consumption of drinks or food in bars and restaurants.
"The mask must be worn at all times as a measure of protection for yourself and others," said the head of the regional government, who explained that the decision was made at the extraordinary meeting of the Governing Council "in a worrying situation and a growing risk to the health of our fellow citizens ”, in the words of López Miras,“ and following, of course, the recommendation of the health authorities that from the beginning are the only ones to promote any government action ”.
In this sense, he recalled that "we said that all possible decisions are on the table and it is in everyone's hands to prevent us from continuing to have to resort to decisions that no one likes", and stressed that "we will put first, as we have done since first moment, almost six months ago, everyone's health to any other consideration. "
"The pandemic is still there and although the vast majority of Murcians understand it and act responsibly, others, unfortunately, have not been able to perceive the gravity of the situation," said the president. In addition, he insisted that "we must stop irresponsible behavior, unnecessary concentrations and without security measures", and recalled that "when someone has the slightest suspicion that they may be infected, what they should do immediately is isolate themselves, call the phones enabled for this and have no contact with anyone.
During his speech, López Miras also stressed that "we are playing a lot", and that "it would be absolutely unfair for the behavior of a few to force the Region of Murcia to go back, to close, to confine ourselves", to appeal "to the responsibility of all." "We do not want to go back, but if we do not all get involved it is something that can happen," he said.
Likewise, he explained that "we are prepared to face whatever comes, acquiring protection material and work for our professionals before the possibility of a new wave".
First day without ICU admission
Today is the first, since March 12, in which there are no patients with covid-19 admitted to the Intensive Care Units of the Region. "This is a reason for hope," said the president, who also recalled "how many left and how many have been weakened by the ravages of the disease."
Currently there are one hundred people affected in the Region of Murcia, 79 in home isolation and 21 admitted to different hospital centers.
In relation to the coronavirus outbreak linked to a flight from Bolivia, the number of cases amounts to 60, of which 17 are located in a fruit and vegetable company located in the municipality of Murcia and another 13 are contacts of these workers. On the other hand, there is a family outbreak in Murcia, with three cases, and another with the same characteristics in Cartagena, also with three. In addition, there have been three positives of a boat that arrived in Cartagena on Saturday.
López Miras recalled that “the quarantine to which someone who has been in contact with infected people or who suspects they may be is subjected to is 14 days without leaving home, without contact with the outside that is not essential and, of course, with strict security standards ”. He also recalled that "even when there is a first negative PCR, you must wait for a second result without leaving the quarantine, to avoid infecting other people if you have had contact with any positive case."
  • December 4, 2018


You will no doubt be aware that there have been many changes to legislation regarding holiday and short term rentals. The government have made it law to obtain a Tourist License and inspections are required. It is also necessary to register with Guardia Civil and report any guests to them within 48 hours of check in.

In addition, people have changed the way they book holidays, favouring online booking and using channels such as HolidayLettings, HomeAway, Airbnb to name a few. The opportunities are growing for owners, but exposure is key, and it really takes a company that is dedicated to marketing rental properties to gain the best returns for our customers.

With all the above in mind we have made the decision to engage with the area’s leading holiday rental agency, Murcia Holiday Rentals, as a Preferred Partner. This means that we can offer our clients huge exposure on a global scale to maximise bookings, whilst continuing to provide our service to our customers without compromise.

Murcia Holiday Rentals have access to some 60 channels, to provide a truly global coverage. They are focussed solely on holiday rentals, and therefore all of their efforts are channelled towards marketing holiday properties to both the wide global market but also niche markets such as golf and cycling clubs.

From a compliance perspective they are well known to the Town Hall and their inspectors, and are in a position to ensure complete compliance for all of our customers free of charge.

We are aware of other local companies who have a presence in the holiday rental market, but we have taken time to consider our business and the type of company we want to engage with. We have found a synergy in values and standards between the two business that will undoubtedly provide our customers with the best possible scenario for holiday rentals and full property management as a seamless service.

This will allow us at Villa Solera Service continue with our forte which is looking after our clients, their properties and their guests.


If you wish to continue renting your property for short term and holiday rentals let us know in writing and we will get the ball rolling for you. It’s as simple as that.



Please take a moment to see our Privacy and Data Protection if you haven’t already.

  • April 7, 2017

Energy Efficiency Certificates

Don't forget the law!

From June 1st 2013, the Real Decreto 235/2013 obliges that all dwellings that are for rent or for sale must have a certificate of energy efficiency available.

Contact your designated property manager today.


  • February 24, 2017

Celebrating 10 Years as Villa Solera Service

April 2017 will see us celebrate 10 years since our merger in 2007 between Nico and Bill.  We would liketo thank our clients for your great support over the last 10 years.

Our aim is to not only continue our service and improve it over the next 10 years.

How will BREXIT affect my property in Murcia?

Many of our UK clients are contacting us with various questions about what will happen now. 

Well the immediate answer is nothing.  The UK took a referendum and voted to leave the EU but until the process of exit is put into place probably from October 2016 onwards; we will still have a couple of years of disentanglement where the exit strategy will be implemented.

My opinion is not to panic but rather to wait and see what this all brings; hopefully the new Prime Minister (and in my opinion a new BREXIT government) will keep us all in the loop, informed of the next steps and what it all really means for owners of property in the EU (specifically for our clients property in Murcia).

With no actual elected government in Spain until Sunday; Interim Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has called for “calm and serenity" to Spanish citizens in the UK and British citizens in Spain.

For now we are seeking advice from professional advisers over here and in the UK and they are all saying to allow the dust to settle and wait for the formal notification; the implementation of Article 50 informing the EU that the UK is officially leaving the EU.

Whilst I voted to REMAIN for obvious reasons, we have to accept the outcome of the referendum and get on with our lives and hope that the effects of this LEAVE vote will not be as bad as it could be and also that the Spanish government realise the value of the British investors in Spain and our worth to their economy.

So for now remain calm and let us monitor the next few days/weeks/months. 

Any important infiormation will be publicised on our website so please keep an eye on it.


Prepared by

Bill Kundalia

Managing Director

Villa Solera Service SL


The Costa will make you HAPPY!

Watch this video, it's in Spanish but you will get the jist!  Paco Nadal refers to the beaches and the activities possible on the Costa Calida in the Murcia Region. Why not watch the video and contact us for a chance to holiday in one of the most Spanish regions in Spain, not over run by tourists and lagerlouts (Click Here for more details) or contact our sister company Dream Casas and see what is available to buy.

¡Costa Calida te haces feliz!

  • January 22, 2016

Early Offer - 50€ OFF Your Annual Property Management Contract For The 1st Year

We are offering any new property owners looking for professional and legal property management with a reputable and trustworthy provider with many years experience in the region.

Contact Joy or Nico by email today and come on board.

Just check out the testimonials to see that "we do what we say"!


Offer cannot be used wth any other offer.

Offer only valid for web enquiries.

Another Testimonial

Thanks to the Lee & Dey families for your kind words

"We have been very fortunate to have Joy and Bill Kundalia at Villa Solera as our Key Holders and Property Managers for over 10 years now.

We are delighted with the consistent quality of service provided, and the meticulous care taken to ensure our guests enjoy their stay.  The 5 Star reviews we regularly receive on Trip Advisor are testament to the care and attention to detail that Joy and Bill alway provide.

From sourcing and managing the installation of all our furniture, white goods, fixtures and fittings when we first purchased the property, to the regular and ad hoc inspections Joy undertakes (and the email updates that follow) our Townhouse on La Torre has always been well cared for and expertly managed.

Put simply, nothing is too much trouble for Joy and Bill to deal with.

We therefore have no hesitation whatsoever in highly recommending Villa Solera's services".


John Lee and Vrigu Dey

Calle Boqueron, La Torre Golf Resort

Testimonial from a happy customer...

Its always great to receive a testimonial so thanks Bart & Maryke:

"Looking out for a little place in the sun we were brought in contact through a mutual friend with Bill
Kundalia of dream casas and villa solera services.

He showed us different options appropriate towards our needs and financial info. We found a nice
apartment in an ideal location for us and our family.

Bill brought us in contact with all the right persons concerning documents and legal affairs. We can
highly recommend his professional way of leading us through our foreign purchase.

Villa Solera Service stands even for much more than this, they helped us with furniture, the white
goods, lightening so we could, even when we were not in Spain, we can be sure that everything was
ok. All our questions were answered and we got a lot of good advice.

Bill and Joy Kundalia are also our key holders and we couldn’t be more pleased with this. On a regular
basis Joy visits our property in Spain to see if everything is ok and even before we arrive she makes
our home ready for our holiday.

We are very satisfied with the way everything went along."

Bart and Maryke Terryn – Buyck
Belgium – 09/11/2015

  • November 6, 2015

Resturant in Torre Pacheco - El Huerto del Azafran


Now is the time to try and enjoy the restaurants of Torre Pacheco with summer well and truly over the local restaurants really come into their own.

Only 5 minutes from Mar Menor Resort and 15 from La Torre Resort, the "El Huerto del Azafran" is one that we recommend.  Here you will meet Santiago (the owner) who will guide you through the fantastic menu of home-made local cuisine in English explaining every course including "What the locals eat" allowing you to try foods you may never attempt because you “don't know what it is”.

Santiago and his team are extremely accommodating and offer a great level of service in a wonderful location.  The restaurant is classy and with prices that won't break the bank you just have to give it a go.

From the various rice dishes on offer to the meats, fish and sea food plus an extensive wine list with some local wines and cavas (the  local cava I tried was better than some Champagne I’ve had!) followed up with your choice of Copas*.

They also have a “Menu del Dia” (Menu of the Day) during the week days and special ones at the weekend which are all very reasonable and in the evening you can choose the evening menu or just leave it to Santiago and his team to guide you through the “A la Carte” menu.

*Mixers G&T etc.

  • October 19, 2015

Selling or Buying?

If you are looking to buy or sell a property in the Mar Menor area of Murcia then please contact us and we will but you in touch with our partners Dream Casas Real Estate who specialise in all sorts of property in the area from luxury to basic from a little as 50,000€ up to over 1 Million euros. Email us at or click the link on our website.

  • October 14, 2015

Long Term Rental Properties Required

We currently have many clients looking for long term rentals (6 months plus) on Mar Menor Golf Resort. If you are interested in renting your proprerty on a long term basis please contact us urgently by emailing us at We can then discuss the options, rental prices and other information necessary to make your investment work for you.

The demand at the moment is for 2, 3 and 4 bedroom properties with and without swimming pools.

Get in touch as soon as possible we have run out of rental inventory!